We are artists in different fields apart from printing and our creativity took us to develop an innovative new textile printing support, Art Print Panel®, which was granted with an invention patent. 

Our invention opened us a new world of possibilities in the manufacture of products, where we can now apply specialty screen printing techniques. These innovative products have organoleptic features (tactile and visual) that made them very special for their novelty, simplicity and quality.
This mix of visual and tactile aspects, together with an artistic approach to design and the application of our deep knowledge of special techniques gives us a new perspective to work, taking as a starting point the different arts: illustrations, graphic designs, decorative fabrics, stained glasses, architecture, sculpture, painting, pottery, etc.
We are constantly developing new products with our panel 100% textile: artistic screen printing, promotional items, souvenirs, fashion products, labels, binding, decoration, manufacturing of items, edition of materials that allow accessibility for blind people, packaging, etc.
Imagine your product: we make it.