The value of the experience

30 years of inspiration, creativity and enjoyment printing textiles
Textile Screen Printing since 1983

In 1983, we opened our first textile screen printing company in La Coruña  (Spain) with a clear orientation towards clothing and fashion.

Since then our printing services  to  multinational clothing companies  decorating apparel and  the manufacture of personalized articles   have been broaden to other fields such as the development of communication products through textile supports and promotional items, art prints, decoration and accessibility for blind people and many other expertise skills.

Screen printing is an artisan work where knowledge is acquired by experience and the "know-how" is essential to achieve high quality printing results.Printing  process has several stages and all of them require a high accuracy in order to get excellent results. 


¿What valuable advantages do we offer?

  • We offer technical solutions that better adapt to every project requirements.

  • Our facilities and technical resources allow us to offer excellent printings, a quick answer and the best quality-price ratio on the market.

  • We are flexible concerning the quantity to print.

  • Integral service that includes not only screen printing but the materials to print, labels and all the necessary accessories for the presentation of your product.

  • We support 100% auto-entrepreneur initiatives, we provide the tools and knoledge to materialize your ideas and  the opportunity to keep producing your products in Europe.